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St Catwg's Church, Font

Baptism, sometimes called Christening, is a service of welcome.


In it, new Christians formally mark the beginning of the Christian journey.


A person can be baptised as an adult or as a child, and you are baptised into membership of the Church, not into a particular branch or denomination.

During the service, we use holy oil to bless, holy water to cleanse, and give a lighted candle as a sign of the light of Christ.


Parents and Godparents make promises which affirm their belief in God and their intention to nurture those being baptised in the Christian faith.


As your child is being made a member of God's family, the Church encourages parents to have their child Christened in the main Sunday service. This enhances the sense of occasion with music and fellowship with the local community.

Usually you will have your child christened in the parish church where you live, but in some circumstances, for example, if you have a strong family connection with the Church, you may be able to have your child christened in this Benefice even if you do not live here.

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