Welcome to our page about Marriage.


Planning a wedding is an exciting time and there is a great deal to think about.

Whatever stage you are at we want to help and support you When a couple marry they make lifelong vows to each other in the presence of God.

In the wedding service we celebrate their love for each other and give thanks to God who is the source of all our loves.

The rings that are the symbol of their commitment are blessed, the couple are blessed, and the ceremony ends with the blessing of all those gathered to support them.

There are clear rules in the Church in Wales about who may get married in a given Church.

It isn't as simple as 'selecting' the Church nearest your reception venue.

You are required to have a qualifying connection with the Parish: If you or your fiance live in the parish, or have grown up in the Parish, or if your parents or grandparents  were married or Christened in the Parish then you may will probably qualify to be married in one of our Churches.

Please contact the vicar for further details.

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