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Posada is an old Mexican tradition where young people dressed as Mary and Joseph travelled from house to house asking for a room for the night and telling people about the imminent arrposadaival of Jesus in the weeks leading up to Christmas. On Christmas Eve they would visit the local church to re-enact the nativity and place figures of Mary and Joseph in a crib.

Pentyrch Parish Posada

This year Margaret Pendlebury has spent hours and hours creating a beautiful knitted set of Nativity figures for St Catwg’s Church. We will be sending the knitted Mary and Joseph and donkey figures travelling from home to home for our own Posada in the Parish.
Will you host them for a night?

What is involved?

All you need to do is add your name to the Journey Rota at the back of St Catwg’s. Choose a night that will suit you to ‘host’ Mary & Joseph and donkey. You keep them for a night and then deliver them (or arrange for them to be delivered) to the next house on the list the next day. To keep to the traditioKnitted Figuresn of Posada, as the figures are ‘passed on’, you are encouraged to do something that reflects the story of Christmas. So, you may like to sing a carol, or say a prayer together (eg the Lord’s prayer), or why not invite last night’s hosts in for a drink or even play the posada game as Mary and Joseph settle in to their new lodging for a night?

How old/young must I be?

There is no age limit to this, and they could be adopted by a club or school or shop for one night.


Take A Photo!

To make it more fun, take a digital photo of the figures and send it to the vicar and he will arrange for it to be uploaded to the parish website. So you can keep track of their journey around the parish throughout Advent.

Click to view the Photos from this years Posada.

It will all end at our Crib service at 6.30pm at St Catwg’s on Christmas Eve when Mary and Joseph will be brought back to St Catwg’s Church to join the crib scene.

It’s as simple as that.

The Posada Board Game.