Welcome to St Ellteyrn Church, Capel Llanilltern.

St Elltern Church

Capel is the smallest church in the parish. It seats a maximum of 25 people and is a close and friendly little church.

It is located on the A4119, out of Creigiau, towards Cardiff. The present listed building dates from AD 1862 but the site is perhaps one of the oldest Christian religious sites in Wales, and incorporates the Vendumaglus stone going back to the 5th century. The site is visited by Arthurians who consider that Gwenhwyfar (wife of Arthur - Arthwys) was buried there. The location of the church is ideal. It is built in the warmest and most sheltered spot in the parish with is own spring nearby. The font dates from the 12th century, and the church has a rich collection of heraldry from the 15th century onward.